Apple Music’s ‘Replay 2020’ Playlist Shows Your Favorite Music of This Year

Apple Music Replay 2020 Playlist

The Replay playlist in Apple Music has been refreshed for the year 2020 to showcase the songs that you’ve listened to the most this year. Apple had first introduced the Replay 2019 playlist feature towards the end of last year.

If you were wondering which songs you’ve listened to the most this year, Apple Music is here to help. The Cupertino-based firm’s music streaming service can now show your favorite music tracks for the current year, courtesy of the Replay 2020 playlist.

You can now add the Replay 2020 playlist to your library by visiting on any device that has the Apple Music app or features a web browser using which you can log into your Apple Music account. This playlist consists of up to 100 songs that you’ve listened to the most this year, and the playlist will continue updating every week until the end of the year.

The webpage dedicated to showing your favorite tracks on Apple Music also gives you the option to revisit your Replay playlists for each year since 2015 (or the year since you started using Apple Music), the year when Apple’s music streaming service was launched worldwide. You can add all those playlists to your Apple Music library. Notably, the URL shows that Apple still considers it a beta feature.

Last year, the Replay 2019 playlist was available right inside the Apple Music app, but it was a temporary placement to mark the end of 2019. Now, you have to visit the webpage to view and add the Replay playlists to your library. These playlists are a response to Spotify’s Wrapped playlists that helps users view their favorite albums, artists, tracks, and genres.

Apple Music Replay Playlists

Our Take

Apple’s Replay playlists are a bit more simple and straightforward compared to Spotify’s Wrapped playlist. The iPhone maker’s rival shows more information such as your favorite albums, artists, genres, and songs, and maybe that’s why Apple thinks that its solution is still under beta. We think that the company will make it more expansive in the coming months and years.

[Source: Apple]