Apple Partners with Go Tech Services to Offer Onsite Repairs in Select Cities

In an attempt to enhance its after-sales Apple is offering onsite repair in select cities. The new service will help users who need to get their Apple devices repaired but there is no repair shop in their area.

With the help of onsite repair service, you can get your Apple device repaired right at your doorstep. Apple has partnered with Go Tech Services and is offering to repair your device at home or office. Apple’s Support Site now shows “Onsite” option under the ‘Schedule a Repair’ section. In other words, you can check whether your area is covered under onsite service before scheduling a repair.

After clicking on the onsite option user will be greeted with a message that reads “Look for an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Genius Bar. In select locations, onsite service may be available.” At this point in time, onsite service seems to be available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas. If you reside in any of the cities you can choose onsite repair option and select Go Tech Services as a repair provider.

As you can see in the screenshot above Apple lists “Go Tech Services” at the top while searching for service centers in select cities. Once you click on onsite services the website also displays a message that says additional fees might be charged by the service provider. However, there is no mention of the additional fees or any sort of pricing detail. It also seems like same-day appointments are not available.

GoTech is Apple Authorized Service Provider and this means Apple is not directly responsible for the repairs. MacRumors points out that the extent of services covered under onsite repair is unclear. They could book services for cracked iPhone display but failed to do so for a battery replacement.

[via MacRumors]