Apple Seeks to Ban Sale of This Book over Business Secrets

App Store Confidential Book

Apple is seeking to ban a book titled ‘App Store Confidential’ and has issued a cease-and-desist letter to its author, who is also an ex-employee of the company, on the grounds of revealing business secrets in his book.

The German book that was written by Tom Sadowski, a former Apple manager who headed the App Store’s German business. The book is published by Murmann Verlag in Hamburg, and it is a personal testimonial from the former manager at Apple. It was released yesterday in e-book and paperback formats.

The Cupertino-based tech giant claims that the book reveals several critical business secrets, but Sadowski and some of the readers disagree with Apple. The author denies that he has disclosed any such business secrets in the book. Publication EN24 says what’s written in the book is “a mix of banal and the obvious.

The company is trying to take action against the publication of the book. The company’s lawyers have told the author and the publisher of the book to “stop (to) deliver the book” and to “recall all copies of the book already in circulation and to destroy all book manuscripts.

The iPhone maker is claiming that Sadowski has breached his employment contract. While the company says that it supports free press and authors, it also claims that the author has revealed Apple’s business secrets that are of considerable economic value for the company.

The book reveals some obvious points, such as Apple pointing developers towards developing apps that enrich people’s lives and convert users into paying customers. This development should only help the book in attracting more sales.

The App Store Confidential book is still on sale on Amazon, but it only available in the German language. It costs $14.57 for the e-book version and $18.59 for the paperback version.

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