Apple Will Eventually Sell Mac Pro Wheels as Customer-Installable Kit

Apple today published the technical white paper for the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR. Buried among all that technical deep dive is that the company plans on offering the wheels for the Mac Pro as a customer-installable kit eventually.

Right now, if you buy a Mac Pro from Apple, you have to customize it with the $400 wheels before placing the order. If you want to get the wheels installed after you have already got the machine, you will have to contact Apple or your nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider. The Mac Pro will then have to be sent back to Apple for the installation of wheels. This is cumbersome and the additional downtime is not practical for professionals who rely heavily on their Mac Pro for their work.

In addition to the wheels, Apple will also be selling the Mac Pro feet as a customer-installable kit. The white paper does not mention when these kits will be available for purchase via Apple’s online store. It is possible that Apple’s plans to sell the kit have been delayed by the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Nonetheless, if you own a Mac Pro and wanted to get wheels or feet installed on them without sending the machine to Apple, you should wait for the customer-installable kit to be available.