If EU’s Plan Succeeds, Apple Might Have to Start Using Easily Replaceable Batteries in iPhones

iPhone XS Teardown

Apple is infamous for staying away from standards for its products. It is already facing the threat of being forced to use a USB Type-C charging port in iPhones. In the future, it might have to use easily replaceable batteries in its mobile phones.

A considerable part of today’s planned obsolescence designed by consumer tech firms is the inability to easily replace batteries in phones and tablets. However, the good folks at the European Union (EU) are reportedly working on a plan to force OEMs to make their devices in such a way that they allow batteries to be easily replaced when required.

According to a report by the FD, a Dutch financial newspaper, the EU is deriving a plan to make it easier for consumers to replace batteries in their earphones, smartphones, and tablets in an easy way.  The commission could present its plan by mid-March of this year. The larger plan is to promote recycling, reducing electronic waste, improving the reuse of raw materials, and to encourage sustainable production.

The European Union, which is already forcing brands to use a common charger for all smartphones, also wants more responsibility from tech brands. It also plans to force brands to offer longer periods of warranty and to provide easier access to documentation related to repairs. Also, the union reportedly wants to reduce the cases of consumers dumping their gadgets due to the non-availability of software updates.

Apple is notoriously known for blocking easier repairs by limiting the access of replacement parts to third-party repair shops and not offering enough documentation for easier repairs. If the EU succeeds in passing its plan as law, the Cupertino-based firm might have to start using designs that make it easier to replace batteries inside its AirPods, iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks.

[Via: Tweakers.net, Source: FD]