Foxconn Lures Workers in China with Bonuses, Free Meals, Accommodation, Transportation

The coronavirus epidemic has hit Apple’s production line. Foxconn is now trying to lure back its employees with incentives like bonuses, free meals, shuttles, and company provided accommodation.

Earlier reports claim that Foxconn’s iPhone assembly plant is only 10% staffed as workers are yet to return after the Lunar Holidays. Apparently, the workers are worried about coronavirus, travel restrictions and thus are not readily joining the workforce. Meanwhile, Foxconn themselves had quarantined workers for 14-days after they returned from holidays.

Foxconn Technology is providing a series of incentives to encourage the return and recruitment of more employees for its major assembly plants in Shenzhen and Zhengzhou, China, seeking to fulfill as many shipments of iPhones as possible to Apple, according to industry sources.

The sources said strict travel and traffic controls and fears of being infected with the coronavirus have discouraged many employees from returning. But Foxconn has offered free shuttle-bus commuting, meals and accommodation for workers in addition to thorough disinfection operations at plant sites, the sources.”

As far as bonuses are concerned Foxconn has doubled it and is now offering up to 7,000 Yuan. The bonus is being offered for both returning and newly recruited employees. Foxconn is hoping that the incentives will help ease labor shortages as soon as possible. In his report, Kuo has detailed how coronavirus will impact iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 production. Furthermore, the epidemic outbreak is also expected to affect AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Mac Pro production.

Earlier this month, Apple has said that it will miss Q1 2020 revenue target due to coronavirus. In the meantime adversities like the trade war and China has forced Foxconn to expand its production outside China. Worried about coronavirus? Check out the best iPhone apps to track coronavirus.

[via DigiTimes]