Foxconn Quarantines iPhone Workers for 14 Days to Avoid Spread of Coronavirus


China and many other Asian countries are dealing with the mayhem caused by Coronavirus. The new virus strain has claimed hundreds of lives in mainland China and left thousands infected. We have seen numerous reports of how coronavirus might affect iPhone production. Now Foxconn has announced that it will quarantine iPhone workers for 14 days in order to deal with coronavirus.

Suppliers had earlier warned that Coronavirus outbreak might hamper iPhone production in Hubei, Henan and Guangdong provinces. In other words, the outbreak could affect the planned production schedule. Foxconn is planning a quarantine that could last up to two weeks. This move will help Foxconn prevent the spread of coronavirus by employees who are returning to work. That being said, the manufacturer will resume work from Feb 10. Furthermore, workers arriving from outside Henan province will be quarantined for 14 days. Meanwhile, staff that is working within the province will be quarantined for 7 days.

Hon Hai, known also as Foxconn, makes the vast majority of the world’s iPhones from Zhengzhou, central China. The company has become a high-profile symbol of how the outbreak, which has killed about 500 worldwide, could disrupt the world’s supply of made-in-China electronics.

It is learned that coronavirus might take up to 14 days to exhibit symptoms and become contagious. And this is the reason behind the 14-days of quarantine. Moreover, the Chinese government has instructed the factories to remain shut following the Chinese new year holidays. On the other hand, Apple suppliers including Foxconn, Quanta Computer and LG are expected to resume production on the same date.

In one of his reports, Kuo says that iPhone shipments could plunge from as much as 10%. Despite quarantining employees Foxconn claims that coronavirus will have a very small impact on its production lines.

[via Bloomberg]