Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test Has Debunked Samsung’s Biggest Breakthrough with Foldable Phones

In the recent past, we have seen how smartphones with foldable displays suffer from durability issues. Samsung had to postpone Galaxy Fold launch while Moto Razr’s display didn’t inspire confidence either. Samsung claimed to solve the issues by introducing a glass display on the Galaxy Z Flip. Famous YouTube Channel, JerryRigEverything has got access to a Galaxy Z Flip and he finds out if it is as durable as Samsung claims it to be.

Zack Nelson reveals that Galaxy Z Flip’s display starts showing signs of permanent marks and scratches prematurely. As always, Zack subjected the device to Mohs hardness test in order to determine when the display glass will show damage. Unfortunately for Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip starts showing damage at level 2 and it increases as we proceed to level 3. In retrospect, today’s smartphone typically starts showing permanent damage at level 6 or even level 7.

Interestingly, both the Galaxy Fold and the recently launched Moto Razr show damages at similar Mohs level as the Galaxy Z Flip. In other words, Samsung’s claim that they have used a glass display on Galaxy Z Flip is questionable. Furthermore, Nelson also says that there is no way the screen is scratch-resistant.

Samsung has been touting the glass display on Galaxy Z Flip. However, all the company says is that foldable glass display on the device is much more durable as compared to plastic screens. Samsung issued an official statement and said that it will offer a screen replacement service for the Galaxy Z Flip. Meanwhile, Nelson also mentions that Samsung might be using a hybrid plastic polymer and advertising it as “glass.” Samsung is offering a one-time free screen protector for the Galaxy Z Flip and the same will be applied by a specialist with access to special equipment.

Our Take

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is a premium device that retails at $1,380. It seems utterly pointless that one would have to worry about fragile display even after paying a premium price. In our opinion, Samsung should be clear about the durability of its display rather than offering screen replacement at a reduced price and throwing in other freebies.

[via The Verge]