Google Maps Gets New Icon and New Features to Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Google Maps 2020 Icon

It has been fifteen years since Google Maps was first released. Quite hard to imagine, isn’t it? Well, to celebrate Google Maps’ 15the anniversary, the internet search giant has unveiled a shiny new icon and a few new features to go with it.

Google’s navigation service is 15 years old already, and we can’t think of a world without Google Maps. The company has released a brand new icon today, and along with it, a slightly redesigned app for iOS and Android. The new app also brings a couple of new features. The newly released app comes just six days after revamped Apple Maps was rolled out to everyone in the US.

The new icon consists of a simple, pin-shaped structure that adopts Google’s multi-color scheme and white background. It now matches Google’s newer icons for other services. When you open the new app, you can see two new tabs: Contribute and Updates. The ‘For You’ tab is now renamed to an easier-to-remember ‘Saved’ tab. These new tabs make sure that Google’s newer features such as an ability to follow others and an increased focus on user-contributed data are visible front and center rather than being hidden somewhere else.

Google Maps 2020 AR Live View
AR Live View in Google Maps 2020

The two new features that the search giant has unveiled today are crowdsourced information for public transport and AR (augmented reality) Live View. While Google already shows bus, train, and tube timings, the new crowdsourced public transformation information lets users add information like temperature, wheelchair access, security, and more. The AR Live View mode is now lighter and faster, as it just shows the location pin rather than entering into a full-fledged turn-by-turn mode.

Google Maps 2020 Redesign Android

The new app and the new icon will be available on the App Store and the Play Store later today. If you’re excited about it, you should keep checking for the update and try it out when it becomes available. Also, let us know how well the new app design works for you and if you like the new app icon.

Our Take

Google Maps was once the default navigation solution on iOS devices before it was replaced by Apple Maps. Google is the best maps and navigation solution in the world, improving with each passing year. However, Apple Maps is improving at a faster rate, and the iPhone maker has been adding more data and improving the design at a faster pace than Google does.

Google Maps can sometimes feel quite clunky and slow, even on Android devices. This is where Apple Maps can shine, and offer users a smoother and more simplistic user interface, which might finally nudge them to start favoring the Cupertino-based company’s app, at least in the US. A concept UI for Apple Maps shows how it can be even better.

Which navigation app do you use on a daily basis and why do you prefer it over other apps? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Google]