iOS 13.4 Has References to a Feature That Lets You Use iPhone as Car key

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Today Apple released iOS 13.4 Beta 1 for developers. The latest update bakes in a very interesting new feature. iOS 13.4 will turn your iPhone into a car key and will offer other related functionalities as well.

Folks at 9to5 Mac have found a reference to “CarKey” API in iOS 13.4. The feature is most likely to turn your iPhone into a car key with the help of NFC chips in cars. All you have to do is hold the iPhone near your car and voila! It unlocks without a fuss. Furthermore, the user files indicate that users will be able to use CarKey only in NFC compatible cars.

Interestingly you won’t be required to authenticate using Face ID and thus you can use the feature even when the iPhone runs out of juice. This is not the first time a phone is being used as a car key. Hyundai already offers an app that turns any smartphone into a car key. Thats not all, the key can be shared with four other people digitally and owners can remote start the car using their smartphones.

Apple is known for its well-implemented features. We are pretty sure that the CarKey feature on iOS will be a superhit. Meanwhile, the company is likely to add new functionalities to the future and make it better with future updates. We will update this article as more/new details emerges.

[via 9to5Mac]