iOS 14 Might Allow Users to Change the Default Mail and Browser App

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple is reportedly mulling offering iPhone and iPad users the option to set third-party mail and browsers app as default on their device. The company has never allowed users to replace any system app with a third-party app by setting it as a system-wide default.

If Apple goes ahead with the plan, it will allow iPhone and iPad users to replace the stock Mail app and Safari with third-party apps of their choice. These two are among the most popular and used system apps. While plenty of quality third-party alternatives are available in the App Store, developers of these apps don’t get a fair playing field as their apps cannot be set as default across the system.

The technology giant is discussing whether to let users choose third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple’s mobile devices, replacing the company’s Safari browser and Mail app, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple is also considering allowing third-party music apps to play nicely with HomePod, its failed smart speaker. Right now, HomePod only features Apple Music integration and one can only play music from Spotify on the speakers using AirPlay which takes more steps and is cumbersome. The move might just help make the HomePod a bit more popular among customers as the speaker has failed to gain traction in the market despite its excellent sound quality.

Apple is also mulling allowing users to change the default music player for Siri to Spotify or Pandora. If Apple goes ahead with its plans, these features could make its debut with iOS 14 later this year.

Apple has been coming under greater scrutiny from regulatory bodies for its anti-competitive behavior. Spotify has already filed an anti-trust complaint again Apple for such behavior. It highlighted how its streaming service cannot integrate with the HomePod and how it cannot be set as the default music player for Siri.

[Via Bloomberg]