iOS 14’s New Recent Apps UI Shown in Leaked Video [Updated]

A new video and leaked photos show the multitasking changes that Apple will be bringing to its iPhone lineup with iOS 14. The leaked images and videos show that Apple plans on bringing the iPadOS 13 multitasking style to iOS 14 and iPhones.

A video shows the iPhone 11 Pro running an internal build of iOS 14 with the new Recent Apps view. The short video shows the new multitasking UI which can fit up to four apps on the screen at one time. Users can then swipe to the right to scroll through all the open apps. One can dismiss a running app by simply swiping up on the card.

At the moment, it is unclear if Apple will also be bringing all the other multitasking features from iPadOS to the iPhone with iOS 14 or not. This includes split-view multitasking, Slide Over, and more. The multitasking experience on the iPhone is notably inferior to that of iPadOS and Android devices so it is possible that we can see Apple improve it dramatically this year with iOS 14.

Leaker @BenGeskin also posted another screenshot on Twitter showing an option iOS 14 that will allow users to change the layout of the Recent Apps UI. Knowing Apple, it is unlikely that the company will offer users such an option though.

In iOS 13, the Recent Apps view shows up like this:

Multitasking carousel

The new UI will be more information-dense and show more running apps at once.

Apple will announce iOS 14 alongside iPadOS 14 and the next major version of all its operating systems at WWDC 2020 which should take place sometime in the second quarter of this year. So far, the leaks surrounding iOS 14 point to Apple allowing users to select their default Mail and Browser app. The company has also changed its internal approach to iOS 14 to focus on stability and a bug-free experience following a buggy iOS 13 release.

Update: The option to change the App Switcher UI has been present in the internal builds of iOS right since iOS 11. It is unclear if the new App Switcher UI we see above will be a part of iOS 14 or not.

[Via 91Mobiles]