iOS Software Engineer Calls out Apple for Promoting Its Services like an Adware

A software engineer working at Tumblr claims that Apple’s promotion for its own services is almost like adware. The Tumblr employee, Steve Streza details the same on a blog post and maintains that it is his personal view and not that of his employer.

Steve mentions how over the years Apple has built a strong suit of services and add-ons that users need to pay for. The list includes iCloud data, Apple Music, AppleCare extended warranty and the recently launched Apple TV+. The aggressive push seems to be working for the company as Apple services raked in record revenues in Q3 2019.

All that money comes from the wallets of 480 million subscribers, and their goal is to grow that number to 600 million this year. But to do that, Apple has resorted to insidious tactics to get those people: ads. Lots and lots of ads, on devices that you pay for. iOS 13 has an abundance of ads from Apple marketing Apple services, from the moment you set it up and all throughout the experience. These ads cannot be hidden through the iOS content blocker extension system. Some can be dismissed or hidden, but most cannot, and are purposefully designed into core apps like Music and the App Store. There’s a term to describe software that has lots of unremovable ads: adware, which what iOS has sadly become.

Streza blames Apple for forcing users to look at these ads constantly. According to him, Apple uses push notifications to advertise its services. Furthermore, he says that “This isn’t a value call on the services themselves, but a look at how aggressively Apple pushes you to pay for them.” Lastly, the developer encourages Apple users to try it out for themselves by doing a factory reset of an iPhone, installing iOS 13 and signing up on a newly created iCloud account.

Our Take

I was baffled by Streza’s claims as I don’t remember Apple pushing its services. However, then I realized that I have already subscribed to all of Apple’s services and thus not getting the push notifications. Apple is already in soup for pushing its app to number one position on App Store and now this.

Do you feel Apple is invasive when it comes to pushing its services on Apple devices? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via Steve Streza]