iPadOS 14 Concept Shows How Apple Could Fix Multitasking on iPad

Apple realizes that multitasking features are central to an iPad experience. The multitasking features become increasingly important as Apple is marketing the iPad as a full-fledged computing machine. However, users have often complained about complicated multitasking features on the iPad.

Multitasking on the iPadOS comes with its own niggles. Once you open an app in a Split View you can only use it with other apps that are already on the Dock. The feature is completely useless if the app you want to use is not in the dock. Apple offered the Split View feature with an iPad on iOS 9. Earlier, the feature allowed users to choose any two installed apps in Split View. In other words, the multitasking features on the latest iPadOS seem to be less useful (and intuitive) than the ones offered before. Limitations like this hinder our workflow.

Tommy, a design student has created a concept of how Apple should improvise its multitasking feature on the iPad. He has posted a video of the concept on Twitter. An always accessible iPad home screen is central to the concept. As you can see, simply swiping from the side will activate the home screen and you can choose any you wish to use in Split Screen. In order to close an app, all you need to do is swipe up. This way users will not be restricted to apps in the Dock while using Split View mode.

The concept also shows how you can align both the apps and control apps with the help of home indicator. We are not sure how well the Slide Over feature will work. All said and done, the concept is brilliantly put together and will most likely help solve one of the biggest issues with multitasking on the iPadOS.

What do you think of the concept? Do you agree that it will fix multitasking woes on the iPad?


Unfortunately, the designer seems to have deleted his Twitter account.