iPhone 12’s Rumored Short-Range 60GHz Wi-Fi ay Feature Could Be Great for Apple Glasses

AR Glasses

Apple has long been rumored to be working on AR (Augmented Reality) glasses, but the device hasn’t made it to the market yet and some reports stated that the project was terminated. Now, a feature has been surfaced in the company’s upcoming iPhones, which points towards Apple Glasses once again.

Recent reports have suggested that the iPhone 12 might feature short-range, Wi-Fi 802.11ay wireless connectivity that operates at the 60GHz frequency. While some might wonder as to why Apple might equip its upcoming smartphones with the relatively unpopular version of Wi-Fi, it could be a great idea for two things: short-range data transfer between iPhones and AR glasses.

Although the final specifications for 802.11ay Wi-Fi haven’t been finalized, Apple might implement it to be used with its AR or VR glasses since it is short-range in nature and has very high data transfer rates. And these two things are perfect use cases for AR and VR glasses as consumers would use their glasses in close proximity to their phones and tablets.

Higher data transmission speeds are vital for an immersive experience. Wi-Fi ay operates at 60GHz frequency and can transfer data at speeds of as high as 44Gbps. Four streams can be bonded to reach speeds as high as 176Gbps, which is more than enough to transfer huge amounts of data with very low latency.

This technology might also be used for an even faster version of AirDrop that Apple could use in its future devices. Why would you need faster AirDrop? Well, for starters, we all know that 4K videos have huge file sizes and with 8K video recording that could be coming to future iPhones, file sizes could go even higher.  This is where the 60GHz-based AirDrop feature could be quite helpful.

Apple could also upgrade features like AirPlay and SideCar with the Wi-Fi 802.11ay wireless connectivity. While all these theories are quite interesting, only time will tell if the Cupertino-based tech giant will actually use it in its future products.

Our Take

If Apple actually ends up launching a version of AR or VR glasses, the company would want them to be wireless. And for a great wireless experience, lower latency and higher data transmission rates are necessary, and Wi-Fi ay offers both the things. So, there’s a good possibility that the company might use it not only for its AR glasses but also for iPhones, iPads, and possibly, Macs.