How Many Chrome Tabs Can You Open on a Mac Pro with 1.5TB RAM?

There’s no doubt that the 2019 Mac Pro is an incredibly powerful machine. However, it looks like Google Chrome can bring any desktop computer to a standstill if we push it hard enough.

Popular tech YouTuber Jonathan Morrison, who published some really interesting Mac Pro videos recently, decided to spec-out Apple’s highest-end computer with 1.5TB DDR4 ECC RAM and push it to its limits. So, what could you do with that much memory?

Well, it looks like you could run 6,000 active tabs of Google Chrome. We all know that the internet search giant’s web browser is a resource hog and can bring even the mightiest of computers down to their knees, but for a Mac Pro with 1.5TB of RAM, the bar could be set at a much higher level.

Jonathan used OWC’s after-market 1.5TB RAM kit for the Mac Pro instead of taking Apple’s help in upgrading the device. OWC’s memory kit consists of twelve 128GB DDR4 RAM (2933MHz) sticks and it costs a mind-boggling $20,000. Installing those RAM sticks is an easy job: just insert them into DIMM slots.

To open 6,000 tabs, the YouTuber used an Automator script that consists of various URLs that people visit the most, so it’s a fair test. You can watch the whole video of the upgrade process and how Chrome uses almost all of the system’s memory to keep running 6,000 tabs of webpages.

Our Take

We think that Jonathan Morrison’s test was fairly accurate and interesting. It not only showed us that the Mac Pro is impressively powerful but also made us realize that Google Chrome can open 6,000 tabs without crashing on macOS.

After almost a decade, Apple actually came out with a Mac that does justice to the computer’s name and is truly upgradeable and easy to use. It is much better than the trashcan Mac Pro that was released in 2013 in terms of both performance and upgradeability.