Apple’s $400 Mac Pro Wheels Lack Locking Mechanism

Apple launched the Mac Pro last year. The latest workstation from Apple offers plenty of computing prowess and a slew of customization options. The top of the line Mac Pro hogged the limelight for its $53,000 price tag. Mac Pro accessories don’t come cheap and the premium pricing has often drawn criticism. In fact, Apple is selling a set of wheels for Mac Pro that costs $400. However, Apple seems to have overlooked and omitted a very important feature on these wheels.

Famous YouTuber MKBHD has revealed that Mac Pro wheels don’t lock in place. He posted a video on Twitter showing Mac Pro sliding across all by itself. We are not sure if the floor has a slope, whatever might be the case, Apple should have offered a locking mechanism.

Mac Pro wheels seem like a very useful addition. It comes in handy if you want to wheel around your Mac Pro with minimal efforts. One look at the MKBHD video tells us that getting the wheels might not be such a good idea. I mean, just imagine the sight of your Mac Pro wheeling itself when placed on the table or any surface. Mac Pro doesn’t come cheap and spending $400 on a half baked accessory is the last thing you would want to do.

Apple offers a ton of optional accessories for the Mac Pro. You can choose between Apple’s Afterburner card, Belkin lock adapter, Pegasus R4i, J2i storage modules and upgrade up to 256GB of RAM. Interestingly a maxed-out Mac Pro with 28-Core CPU, 1.5TB RAM, 4GB SSD costs a staggering $53,000. We hope Apple fixes the issue by adding a locking mechanism on the Mac Pro wheels until then it is better to ‘steer’ away from these wheels.

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