Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro: Which Flagship Has the Best Camera?

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the company has upped its camera game once again. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, in particular with its 108MP primary camera and massive camera sensor looks like a camera monster. How does the Galaxy S20’s camera performance compare to the iPhone 11 Pro? After all, Apple improved its imaging game with the iPhone 11 series last year as well.

A number of videos have cropped up on YouTube in which the camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro have been extensively compared.

Comparing the video stabilization between two devices, the Galaxy S20 Ultra did slightly better and had no shake whatsoever. The iPhone 11 Pro was also impressive and the differences between the two phones are minor here. The S20 Ultra does feature a Super Steady Video mode which allows it to record videos with GoPro-like stabilization. There is a big difference in terms of colors, white balance, and exposure between the two phones. The Galaxy S20 Ultra tends to use more saturated colors, while the iPhone prefers more muted colors while recording videos.

When it comes to zoom though, the iPhone 11 Pro does not hold a candle in front of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The 108MP shooter and the 48MP telephoto camera gives the Galaxy S20 Ultra a zoom range that the iPhone simply cannot match. And if you thought that zoom range was just a marketing gimmick, think again. As shown in the video, the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera is able to retain a lot of details and texture in photos and videos taken while zoomed in at 5x/10x.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a 40MP selfie shooter at the front while the iPhone 11 Pro relies on a 12MP TrueDepth camera. The Galaxy’s selfie camera has a better dynamic range, both while taking photos and recording videos. Even in low-light, the Galaxy S20 Ultra manages to take better selfies than the iPhone 11 Pro. The former even offers a Night mode for the front camera which the iPhone misses out on.

As for image quality, there is a notable difference in how the two phones handle colors, exposure, and white balance. The Galaxy S20 Ultra tends to take photos with more contrast-y and boosted colors. The Galaxy S20 Ultra flexes its muscle in low-light situations where its performance is a marked improvement over previous year flagships. The iPhone 11 Pro does well to challenge the Galaxy S20 Ultra despite its smaller camera sensor.

Based on the above comparison, which phone do you think has the better camera: the iPhone 11 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!