Samsung Surprises by Revealing Unreleased Galaxy Z Flip Phone during the Oscars

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Front BackSamsung is leading the industry when it comes to smartphones with foldable displays. Last year the Korean company launched Galaxy Fold, its first phone with a foldable display. In a surprising turn of events, Samsung has now aired a commercial showing off unreleased Galaxy Z Flip at the Academy Awards.

The Galaxy Z Flip is expected to be launched during Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip event scheduled on February 11th. Samsung has literally shown off the entire Galaxy Z Flip during its Oscars ad. The upcoming device is a clamshell with a difference, instead of keys, it features a touch screen that folds.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip advert shows off a bunch of phones kept on the table with displays opened at 90-degree. Perhaps Samsung wants to show how easy it is to video chat on Galaxy Z Flip. We have been noticing how foldable displays come with problems of their own. The Galaxy Fold suffered from issues in the beginning and users are reporting problems with the recently launched Motorola Razr as well.

Samsung is forewarning users with a disclaimer that reads “You may notice a small crease in the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.” In other words, the Galaxy Z Flip will have a crease and Samsung wants users to make peace with it. Furthermore, the advert shows off the device in two shades including purple and black. The video also gives a glimpse of the outside secondary screen. It reveals that the tiny full-color screen will display caller ID, and also give users the option swipe to accept or reject calls.

It is not the first time Samsung has revealed its devices during Oscars. Previously, the plugged-in an apology for exploding Note 7 during the Oscars. Samsung’s Unpacked event will be held on February 11th and it is here that we will find out more about Galaxy Z Flip and the companies’ upcoming flagship devices. Apple has won patents which suggests that the company is working on a foldable iPhone. Stay tuned!