Stunning iPhone 9 Concept Gives Us a Look at Apple’s Much Awaited Small and Budget iPhone

iPhone 9 Concept video

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 9/iPhone SE 2 in March this year. The device is rumored to feature the same design language as the iPhone 8 while packing a similar set of components as the iPhone 11 series. Now, a new concept ad envisioned by Mauro Battino shows how the iPhone 9 is going to look like and what to expect from the device.

While the front of the iPhone 9 looks similar to the iPhone 8 in the concept video, the rear with frosted glass and single camera lens looks quite unique. The creator of the concept also envisions Apple offering the iPhone 9 in an array of colors including black, white, Product(Red), and Jet Black. The envisioned device also packs the world’s best LCD display, the most durable smartphone glass, and the powerful A13 Bionic chip.

If the real iPhone 9 ends up looking anything like the iPhone as shown in the concept and packs a similar set of features, it will definitely turn out to be a big hit for Apple. Rumors point to the iPhone 9 carrying a $399 price tag which will make it a very tempting choice for the amount of power and features it packs.

The iPhone 9 is rumored to pack a 4.7-inch display, Touch ID, a single 12MP camera at the rear, and the A13 Bionic chip. It will act as a spiritual successor to the iPhone SE and its low price tag will help Apple compete with other mid-range Android devices in parts of Asia.