U.S. Department of Justice Is Quizzing App Developers as Part of the Anti-Trust Probe Against Apple

Apple App Store

As part of its ongoing investigation into Apple, the U.S. Department of Justice has reached out to app developers. The Cupertino company is accused of anti-competitive behavior and is currently being probed for the same.

Reuters reported about the investigation in June last year and now the officials finally seem to be making some headway. According to sources, the Justice Department has contacted select app developers to help investigate the claims. Mobicip developer, Suren Ramasubbu told Reuters that he was interviewed by an investigator in November last year. He was quizzed about interactions with Apple. Ramasubbu’s company offers an app that allows parents to keep an eye on their kids.

The app has garnered more than a million download worldwide. Things went for a toss after Mobicip was removed from the iPhone app store last year. Apple claimed that Mobicip failed to meet some of the requirements. Meanwhile, Apple has refused to comment and insists that its apps need to stick to a “high standard for privacy, security, and content.”

Interestingly it is not just Apple who is facing a probe. Other tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are being investigated for similar charges. Once again the probe is directed at interviewing participants and determining whether there are issues or not. Apple is accused of promoting its own apps on the App Store.

Apple introduced Screen Time in 2018 and it soon became one of the most popular features. Screen Time allows lets us set control for limiting access to apps or to set up parental controls. Apparently, the features were previously offered by third-party apps like Mobicip. Soon after releasing Screen Time, Mobicip was removed from App Store only to be reinstated back after six months. However, Ramasubbu claims that Mobicip’s revenue was halved in this period and they are yet to bounce back.