Apple Card User Interface in iOS 13.4 Shows Detailed Transaction History for Apple Services

Apple Card was launched last year and ever since then, the company has been adding new features. Recently Apple added a slew of features that allowed users to export transaction statements in multiple formats. With iOS 13.4 Beta, the Wallet App is offering a more comprehensive history of App Store purchases and money spent towards Apple subscriptions.

The feature was first spotted by a Reddit user in the iOS 13.4 Wallet app. Earlier, the transactions would simply be shown as ‘Apple Services’ purchases and now, the Wallet App will offer a detailed history. Previously, users had to note down the total money spent towards Apple Services in the App Store history and tally it with the total price shown on the Wallet. The new feature seems to be very intuitive and will help users keep track of their purchases.

Starting with the update you will be able to see a new section that displays App name, icon, the amount spent and time of transaction. After you click the icon you will be able to see Transaction History. For example, the screenshot above shows transaction history for Apple Music alongside the date and other details.

Apple Card is a joint venture between Apple and Goldman Sachs, and it was launched in August of last year. The Titanium engraved card (Mastercard) has concealed card numbers, and it offers various benefits and features, including cash backs, rewards, spend tracking. It is easy to sign up via an iPhone and there no annual fee. Only recently Apple announced an interest-free 24 month EMI scheme for unlocked iPhones.

Our Take

The company is releasing new features for Apple Card in small increments. Apple seems to be focussing on user experience and offering as much data as possible for customers. Apple Card already shows enough visual data on transactions such as available card balance, latest transactions, payment due date, weekly activity, the places where transactions took place, and the cashback amount.

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