Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Apple Says It’s Okay to Use Disinfecting Wipes to Clean Its Products

Disinfect Wipes For iPhone

While Apple was of the opinion that you don’t need to use disinfectants to clean your smartphone or other gadgets, it has updated its guidelines after the Coronavirus outbreak. The company now says that it’s okay to use certain disinfecting wipes on its products.

Earlier, the iPhone maker used to suggest using a damp, lint-free cloth to clean its smartphones, computers, and other products. However, amid the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)outbreak, Apple has updated a support document on its webpage to mention that some disinfecting wipes can now be used on its products. The company still says that users need to be careful in using such wipes and not get into a habit of using them regularly.

According to Apple, users can use 70 isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean its devices. It advises users to “gently wipe the hard, nonporous surfaces of your Apple product, such as the display, keyboard, or other exterior surfaces” to stay on the safe side and not damage the product. You should avoid using abrasive cloth, towels, or paper towels.

Using bleach or submersing of products in cleaning products should be avoided at all costs. The Cupertino-based firm also mentions that moisture shouldn’t be let inside any openings on the device such as ports and loudspeaker grills.

As per the updated guidelines, Apple cautions against using chemicals or cleaning agents on fabric and leather surfaces of its products. While Apple doesn’t mention it on its website, continued usage of disinfecting products or cleaning solvents on the screen wears down the oleophobic coating which is meant to keep the device free of fingerprints, oils, and smudges to a certain extent.

Apple Disinfectant Wipes Usage Suggestion

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Our Take

Using a damp, lint-free, microfiber cloth should be enough to clean most of your products, including earphones, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, and their screens. However, it is okay to use isopropyl alcohol every few months, especially in times like these where the COVID-19 virus outbreak is taking the lives of a lot of people across the globe.

It has been suggested by health agencies that the COVID-19 virus can stay alive on surfaces for at least a few hours, so it’s better to stay safe and clean your smartphone, which you use dozens of times every day. How regularly do you clean your smartphone and how do you clean it? Let us know via your comments.

[Source: Apple]