Apple Partners with AR Startup to Bring Reliable Indoor Maps to Third Party Apps

Dent Reality Indoor Maps AR Startup

Apple has partnered with AR startup to bring improved indoor maps to all of its devices via Apple Maps. The companies are working together to enable AR maps to exist in places other than Apple Maps, such as inside individual apps and on the web.

Dent Reality, an AR (Augmented Reality) has announced earlier today with a tweet that it has now become Apple’s official partner, the Apple Indoor Maps program. The company will be providing indoor AR navigation solutions to third-party developers.

Andrew Hart, Dent Reality’s Co-Founder and CEO, first built an open-source ARKit project and uploaded it on GitHub in 2017. His solution solved the problem of tying AR layers on top of real-world objects. Since then, he co-founded Dent Reality and launched a retail-focused AR platform named Retail AR, which is quite similar to Apple’s retail AR feature that leaked through iOS 14 code.

Hart claimed that Apple spotted what Dent Reality was work early on and then introduced it to Indoor Maps Program. Dent Reality is the sole partner listed in Apple’s Indoor Maps documentation. As a part of the newly formed partnership, is providing the underlying IMDF (Indoor Mapping Data Format) and Wi-Fi-based indoor positioning technology. Dent Reality has built its own AR navigation technology on top of what Apple provided and has created a white-label SDK that is accessible by third-party developers via the Indoor Maps Program.

The AR startup said that the goal of its partnership with Apple is to enable developers to integrate AR maps inside their apps and on the web. While Apple Maps supports indoor mapping through ARKit, Dent Reality’s solution will allow third-party developers to incorporate their own indoor AR navigation.

Dent Reality said that it is working with businesses to develop AR indoor maps at key locations and moving deeper into retail stores. The company is setting up various projects for later this year, but couldn’t reveal which brands and retail chains it is working with.

Our Take

Apple has been working on various AR-based products and technologies over the past few years. We’ve already seen dozens of patents that are based on AR technologies. The company recently unveiled the iPad Pro with a LiDAR sensor and is expected to announce a new iPhone with a 3D ToF sensor, an AR headset in 2022, and sleek AR glasses in 2023.

With a collection of AR compatible products, ARKit-based apps and games, and AR-based indoor navigation, Apple could be planning to create a whole ecosystem of AR products and services to compete with the likes of Facebook and others in the AR and VR space.

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