Foxconn Says It Has Secured Enough Workers to Meet ‘Seasonal Demand’ for iPhone 12 Production

Foxconn Shenzhen factory

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, many were critical of when Apple’s supply chain will return to normal and cater to iPhone 12 demands. A new report from Nikkei says that Foxconn, one of the largest iPhone manufacturer has finally managed to hire enough workers to meet ‘seasonal demand.’ The statement also implies that Foxconn seems to be finally recovering from the COVID-19 shutdown and picking pace.

Taiwan’s Foxconn, the top assembler of Apple’s iPhones, said it has secured enough workers to meet “seasonal demand” at all major Chinese plants, stressing a steady recovery from the labor shortage caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic on the mainland. The company issued a statement Sunday night saying recruitment goals have been reached.

Last week a report from Bloomberg claimed that Apple is on track when it comes to catering iPhone 12 demand. The latest report falls in line with the previous one, however, it still depends on the extent of damage caused by COVID-19, once the pandemic is successfully contained.

Typically, the iPhone peak season is in July months before the fall release. The report also reveals that iPhone production was at half of that level in the month of February and March. In other words, Foxconn still has a long way to go before the production is on track. Apple has suppliers all over the world and shut down in these parts will automatically affect iPhone 12 production capacity.

Our Take

The Coronavirus outbreak has taken its toll on all walks of our life. Needless to say, the iPhone’s production schedule has been hampered due to shutdowns. Apple is expected to launch a budget iPhone 9 in the first quarter and unveil the iPhone 12 lineup in the second half. Only time will tell if Foxconn will be able to ramp up its production and meet demands for iPhone 12 production.

[via Nikkei]