Fraudsters Scam a U.K. Man by Selling Bottles of Lemonade as MacBook and iPhone 11 Pro

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We have seen how the iPhone and other Apple products are thieves and scammers’ favorite. This time around a con artist is cheating people in the U.K. by charging hundreds of pounds for two bottles of fizzy drink. The unwary victims bought it thinking to be iPhone 11 Pro and a MacBook.

This is how the scam unfolds,

Dylan Obeegadoo told Black Country Live that two fraudsters, James and Frankie, approached him in an Churchill Shopping Centre in Dudley on Thursday, March 5, and offered the expensive products.

After examining the two electrical items, which were real, he handed to the cash machine to withdraw £500 and met the duo outside their car.

However, the con artists managed to switch the bags during a convincing scam and said he was left with two bottles of fizzy pop and a cardboard box.”

Before exchanging the box, the scammers invited Obeegadoo inside their car and showed the rear iPhone 11 Pro and Apple MacBook. They explained that they could not pay the credit card bill and were forced to sell both the devices. The scamsters put the items in a laptop bag while Obeegadoo rushed to a nearby ATM to withdraw cash.

The victim claims to have checked the bag once again before handing over the cash. However, the scamsters moved their cars and gave a duplicate laptop bag. On reaching home, Obegadoo realized that he has been scammed and reported to Dudley Police. This is not an isolated incident, only last week, a person was cheated out of 1200 pounds when he attempted to buy Apple Mac and three iPhone 11’s.

We have heard of the old adage, if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. No matter what, always buy Apple products from Apple Store, authorized resellers and online retailers.

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