Here’s a Hack That Allows You to Run Android 10 on an iPhone

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Ever wanted to know if you can install and run Android on your iPhone? Well, for years, it wasn’t possible but a cybersecurity startup has been able to run Android 10 on an iPhone, and you can do it, too. Read on to find more.

David Wang was the first person in the world to run Android on the first-generation iPhone, and that was ten years ago. Now, he and his team at Corellium, a cybersecurity startup, have successfully installed Android on a few iPhone models. They have been working on this project for a long time. Titled ‘Project Sandcastle,’ the team’s work revolves around breaking Apple’s security system that relies on the sandboxing technique.

Forbes was able to get their hands on this project exclusively, ahead of the public release of the software. They installed Android on an iPhone 7 running iOS 13.3. This hack, which involves jailbreaking an iPhone using the Checkra1n tool, works only on the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPod Touch for now. However, support for more devices (iPhone 5s or newer, but not iPhone Xs series) is coming soon, says the company.

Jailbreaking the iPhone removes the sandboxing security mechanism, making the device less secure, but it also allows the phone to run Android. The startup had to do a lot of work as Android and iOS handle memory differently (in different chunks), so making Android work on an iPhone was a considerable feat. Wang said that a lot of Apple hardware is undocumented and non-standard, and his team has the most knowledge about it outside of Apple.

The folks over at Forbes used Android 10’s AOSP version, so features like the Play Store and camera weren’t working. They were able to install the encrypted messaging app Signal. However, as soon as you reboot the iPhone, the Android OS vanishes and the device reboots into iOS. Instructions to jailbreak a compatible iPhone and install Android 10 on it have been explained on

Corellium, which is already being sued by Apple, took potshots at the iPhone maker’s security. It said that Apple takes pride in its security and forces users to stay in its walled garden. However, the folks over at the cybersecurity startup were able to show that Apple’s security isn’t foolproof and users who pay for the hardware should be able to run any software they want.

Here’s the video of the iPhone running Android:

[Via Forbes]