Here’s How iOS 14’s Redesigned Home Screen Could Look Like

Apple iOS 14 List View UI Design Mockup

It was reported a few days ago that Apple is working on a new home screen layout for iOS 14, and this change could come after more than a decade. Now, some enthusiasts have created mockup images of how the home screen design could look with the rumored list view UI.

Apple has traditionally offered only a grid icon view for the home screen in iOS ever since the release of the first iPhone. Yes, the company did offer an ability to add folders, but that’s about it, at least for the iPhone. There isn’t even an alphabetical sort option, but the company will reportedly make amends this year with the release of iOS 14.

The mockup images shared by Parker Ortolani give us a glimpse of how Apple’s list view in iOS 14 could appear. There could be an option to change the home screen layout from the grid view to the list view via the Settings app. There could be a tab at the top with three segments, allowing users to switch between A to Z alphabetical sort view, recently used apps view, and recent notifications view.

Above the segmented top bar, there could be a search bar, and accessing it could reveal the apps that are suggested by Siri. The iPhone maker could also implement a feature wherein Siri would first suggest apps that are relevant to a particular time or location. For example, the company’s AI-powered digital assistant could recommend workout apps when a user is near a gym or recommend a music playlist around the time of sleep.

Another mockup by that shows the list view seems to be inspired by watchOS’ list view design. As a part of this list, additional information from the app is displayed as well. For example, the Calendar app could show the user’s next appointment, while the Home app could show quick actions related to smart home devices. These are some brilliant ideas that Apple could inculcate into iOS 14.

It was also reported that the Cupertino-based firm could finally allow third-party wallpaper packs within the Settings app in iOS 14. A mockup shows how Apple could do it. Within the wallpaper section in the Settings app, Apple’s own wallpaper collections could be displayed alongside wallpaper collections from third-party developers. Apple iOS 14 Third-Party Wallpapers Mockup

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