Apple’s iCloud and iMessage Services Currently Experiencing Performance Issues

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If you are noticing slower than usual performance in iMessage and iCloud apps, you are not alone, and it is not an issue with your devices. These services are facing backend issues in various parts of the world, and other people are affected as well.

Apple has reported that several of its cloud-based services, such as iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, and iMessage are facing performance issues due to technical difficulties. The company’s system status page shows that some people might be affected due to slower performance.

You can’t do much from your side except being patient and wait for Apple to solve the issues from its side. A similar blackout had happened last year and last month when the company’s services weren’t working properly for a lot of people.

The company’s services, such as Bookmarks, Contacts, Drive,, iMessage, Keychain, Mail, Notes, Photos, Reminders, and Screen Time are affected by this issue, and they might seem slow and sluggish. The problem started more than an hour ago, and we expect Apple to solve it in a couple of hours.

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