iOS 13.4 Update Brings Third-Party Maps Support for CarPlay’s Dashboard View

Apple CarPlay Dashboard View

Apple has been improving CarPlay with each new iOS release, and with iOS 13, it brought the extremely useful Dashboard view to the car’s infotainment system. However, it only worked with Apple Maps, but that’s changing with the iOS 13.4 update.

iOS 13.4, which was released earlier this week, brought various improvements and new features. However, one of the most important new features is the ability to view third-party map services in CarPlay’s Dashboard view. Users can see turn-by-turn navigation updates and other critical information in maps along with information from various other apps such as Apple Music and Messages.

Earlier, navigation apps could only be used in the full-screen mode, which limits you to just one app. You are then forced to switch back and forth between maps, music player, messages, dialer, and other apps. Using the Dashboard view allows you to see updates from all the critical apps in a single view. Since third-party navigation apps are now supported in the Dashboard view, you are not limited to using Apple Maps. This is especially liberating in countries like India where Apple Maps is close to useless.

While Apple has allowed third-party navigation services in the Dashboard screen from its side, developers need to make a few changes to their apps. Right now, the two most crucial navigation services—Google Maps and Waze—haven’t been updated to work with the new feature.

Google hasn’t made it clear if it will (or wants to) add Dashboard view compatibility for CarPlay, but the internet services giant told The Verge that it is always “exploring ways to make the in-vehicle experience more seamless.” This neither confirms nor denies if Google wants to bring Dashboard view support to Google Maps in the CarPlay mode.

Another important CarPlay feature that was added with the iOS 13.4 update is the ability to view in-call information to the Dashboard view. Other new iOS 13.4 features, which are not related to CarPlay, include iCloud Folder sharing, new Memojis stickers, improved Mail app, and more.