iOS 13.4 vs iOS 13.3.1 Speed Test

Apple yesterday released the iOS 13.4 update for all compatible iPhones and iPads. This was a major point release from Apple that introduced a number of new features and enhanced existing ones as well. What about performance though? Does iOS 13.4 bring anything to the table in terms of performance improvement?

YouTuber iAppleBytes has conducted a speed test on older iPhones like the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone XR to highlight the speed difference between iOS 13.3.1 and iOS 13.4. All the devices booted faster while running iOS 13.4 when compared to iOS 13.3.1. Other day-to-day tasks and UI interactions also seem to be slightly smoother on the iPhones running iOS 13.4. The benchmark scores don’t reveal show any stark performance differences between the devices while running iOS 13.3.1 or iOS 13.4.

iOS 13.4 comes with a number of new features like iCloud Folder Sharing, trackpad support, new Memoji stickers, and more. You can find everything that’s new in iOS 13.4 here.

At this point, it is clear that Apple is making sure that newer iOS updates don’t end up slowing down older iPhones despite the addition of new features. The company first started this trend with iOS 12 and it is good to see that it is following the same principle with various iOS 13 releases as well.

In case you are not satisfied with the performance of your iPhone running iOS 13.4, you should probably look at upgrading it instead of thinking that Apple has intentionally slowed your device down.