iOS 14 Will Come with New AR App, Feature Starbucks and Apple Store Integration

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple is working on a new Gobi AR app that it will bundle in iOS 14. The new app will use AR and provide users with more information about the world around them. This AR experience will also lay the groundwork for Apple’s AR headset.

The app will integrate with Apple’s own retail stores and Starbucks. Users will be able to hold their phone in front of an Apple Store and get information about the displayed products, pricing, compare their features, and more.

Apple is developing a new app as part of its work on iOS 14. The new app, codenamed Gobi, will allow users to get more information about the world around them by using an augmented reality experience on the phone. The AR experience would also be part of Apple’s forthcoming AR headset project.

Apple could use QR code-like tags or iBeacons or even AirTags to trigger the AR experience. Apple will also provide an API for third-party companies to have their own tag identifiers. At the moment, it is unclear if Apple will providing access to this API for free to companies or lock it down to only selected companies.

While not mentioned, iOS 14 could also come with some other new AR features. A lot of iOS 14 related details have leaked over the last 24 hours. Apart from the new AR app, Apple is also planning on adding a new guided Fitness app to the OS. Other improvements include system-wide cursor support, improved OCR capabilities for the Apple Pencil, and more.