iOS 14 Leak: List View in Home Screen, Third-Party Wallpaper Integration, Accessibility Improvements, More

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple is looking to improve the home screen experience in iOS 14 by allowing users to view all their installed applications in a list view. The next version of iOS will also come with major wallpaper changes and improved accessibility.

Home screen Improvements in iOS 14

iOS 14 will add a new page from where users will be able to access all the installed applications on their iPhone in a list view. Users will have the option of sorting the apps in the list in different ways including only viewing apps from which they have unread notifications, recently used apps, and more. The list will also use Siri smart suggestions to automatically suggest apps that one would want to use depending on their location and time of the day. For example, when you are in the gym, the list view will automatically surface Apple Music or Spotify as a recommendation.

New Accessibility Features

Apple is focusing on further improving the accessibility aspect of iOS with iOS 14. The OS will automatically detect sounds like fire alarms, doorbells, sirens, etc. and convert them into alerts for people with hearing impairments. Another new accessibility feature will allow the camera app to detect hand gestures. Audio Accommodations will also be there which “can improve audio tuning over AirPods or EarPods for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.”

Wallpaper Categories

Apple will offer improved categorization of wallpapers by adding new categories. More importantly, Apple will allow third-party apps to directly integrate with the Wallpaper option in the Settings menu in iOS 14. This means third-party wallpaper apps will be able to integrate and show their wallpaper collections right in the iOS 14 Wallpaper settings menu.

‘Shot on iPhone’ Integration in Photos app

Apple will integrate its #shotoniphone campaign in the Photos app of iOS 14. This will allow users to directly upload any photo that they have taken from their iPhone to the challenge and also view the results of the competition.

Alipay Support in Apple Pay

Apple Pay in iOS 14 will gain support for Alipay thereby giving the service a major usability improvement for Chinese iPhone users.

Trackpad Gestures

It was reported yesterday that Apple was working on two new Smart Keyboard models for the iPad Pro with a built-in trackpad. It has now been confirmed that this trackpad will have gesture capabilities. One of the gestures will allow users to easily switch between open applications.

From all the iOS 14 leaks over the last 24 hours, it is clear that Apple is focusing on improving usability rather than adding some major new features. All the above improvements will go a long way in further enhancing the overall usability of iOS 14. The new list view for the home screen will be an interesting addition and it remains to be seen whether it will make the home screen more useful or not.

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