Leak: 2020 iPad Pro Will Come with ToF Sensor, New Apple TV Remote in the Works

Leaked iOS 14 code has revealed details about Apple’s upcoming hardware including the iPad Pro, iPhone 9, and AirTags.

2020 iPad Pro

The leaked iOS 14 internal code points to the upcoming iPad Pro lineup coming with a quad-camera system at the rear. This will include a regular wide-angle sensor, an ultra-wide angle shooter, a telephoto sensor, and a 3D ToF sensor. This will be the first time that Apple will be including a telephoto and ultra-wide angle shooter on the iPad Pro. The setup will presumably be the same one that Apple is using on the iPhone 11 Pro. It is likely that the new AR app that Apple is developing as a part of iOS 14 will take advantage of this ToF sensor. Previous rumors surrounding the 2020 iPad Pro lineup has also pointed to the tablets coming with a ToF sensor.

iPhone 9

The iOS 14 code has also detailed some specs of the iPhone 9, though none of them is new and they reiterate what has leaked before. The iPhone 9 will feature Touch ID and have Express Transit capabilities thanks to the inclusion of NFC. Details about the iPhone 9 in iOS 14 do not mean that Apple will launch the device in September though when it releases the OS to the public. It is likely that the phone will be launched alongside iOS 13.4 later this month.

New Apple TV Remote

Apart from working on a new Apple TV, Apple is also working on a new Apple TV remote. It is unclear what changes or improvements it will pack. Given that the current remote has been criticized by many Apple TV owners, any improvement would be a welcome one.


Lastly, the code in iOS 14 points to Apple’s upcoming Tile-like tracker AirTags having a replaceable battery. Users will also be able to setup AirTags in bulk through their iPhone or iPad. More details about the AirTags had leaked earlier today, including the fact that they would use CR2032 battery which could be accessed after opening the back using a screwdriver.

What are your thoughts on Apple bundling a ToF sensor on the iPad Pro for AR purposes? Are you looking forward to what the company will be doing with AR this year? Drop a comment and let us know!