New MacBook Air’s Teardown by iFixit Shows Few Important Improvements

2020 MacBook Air iFixit Teardown Back Panel

The newly launched MacBook Air brings a lot of improvements under the hood, including a much faster processor (Intel’s 10th Gen. models), a more powerful integrated GPU, higher base storage, and faster RAM, but more importantly, it comes with an improved keyboard. Now, iFixit has published a teardown of the 2020 MacBook Air to see exactly what has improved.

iFixit’s teardown shows that Apple’s new Magic Keyboard brings back scissor switches, similar to the switches that were used in older MacBooks. Also, it has been noticed that the new keys have been raised by just 0.5mm in comparison. So that means the company gave us a badly performing keyboard to thin down the MacBook by just 0.5mm.

The teardown also reveals that the laptop has a larger heatsink over the CPU. The cabling is better, too. The trackpad is now better assembled and its cable is no longer routed below the logic board, which means it is easier to remove the trackpad as soon as the back cover is removed. The battery rests under the same cable as well, so it is now easier to remove the battery.

There are additional screws to help the speakers fastened and keep it from rattling. Even the fans and ports are modular, so they are easier to remove and replace. This is the first time in years when Apple has actually improved serviceability with new hardware design. That’s quite refreshing to see. However, there’s still some glue used below the batteries, and the RAM and SSD are still soldered.

Overall, the 2020 MacBook Air received a repairability score of 4 out of 10. That’s one point higher than the previous-generation MacBook Air. However, it is still not great. You can check out the full teardown of Apple’s latest MacBook Air by visiting the source link below.

[Source: iFixit]