Planning to Buy a New iPad Pro? It Might Not be Easy to Find One

2018 iPad Pro Unboxing

The coronavirus outbreak has led to supply issues with many Apple products. Custom BTO MacBook Pro and Mac Pro variants have an estimated delivery time of over a month, with Apple itself admitting that iPhone supplies are constrained globally. Now, a new report from Bloomberg highlights the limited availability of the iPad Pro in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 512GB storage and cellular connectivity is sold out across all Apple stores in Los Angeles. The same model along with other storage and connectivity combination is also sold across many of the Apple stores in New York. As per some Apple store employees, the iPad Pro stock started dwindling since the last week of February.

The supply issues are also affecting the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 5, both of which are not available to buy online. The AirPods Pro is also in tight supply and has a shipping estimate of over a month, though the earbuds have been in short supply right since its launch last year.

It is unclear if the iPad Pro not being in stock has anything to do with Apple rumored to launch new models later this month or the coronavirus outbreak. The company did not refresh its iPad lineup last year and a spec overhaul is now due. The supply issues could be a mix of both reasons as well. If Apple does end up launching new iPad Pro models later this month, they could also likely end up being in short supply due to the virus outbreak.

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