This Apple Watch App Can Help You Detect If You Have Flu like Coronavirus

Apple Watch Cardiogram App

Amid the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is doing what they can to help. Brands like Apple, Samsung, and others have shuttered their stores to stop the potential spreading of the virus, while internet platforms like Bing, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube are displaying critical information related to the pandemic. Now, a popular iOS and watchOS health app is trying to help users in identifying if they have flu such as COVID-19.

Cardiogram, an Apple Watch app that offers detailed heart rate information, can now provide users a way to see if they are suffering from flu such as COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus). The developers of the app claim that a person’s sleeping heart BPM could look vastly different when they’re healthy and when they’re suffering from an infection or flu.

When you are sick, cells in the body release proteins like histamines, which can cause expansion and inflammation of blood vessels. This process directs the brain to increase the heart rate so that more blood can be supplied to inflamed regions. Cardiogram’s new feature, which is available starting today, lets users easily spot and understand these heart rate differences using an Apple Watch.

The elevated heart rate in such situations can be noticed when you are sleeping or resting, pointing towards fever. Johnson Hsieh, Cardiogram’s co-founder, said, “Cardiogram’s new Sleeping BPM feature can help users become more aware of how their body is responding to symptoms of the flu or other illnesses including COVID-19.

Apple Watch Cardiogram App Sleeping BPM Normal vs Flu

Cardiogram’s development team, however, cautions that the feature shouldn’t be considered as a way to diagnose COVID-19 and that it is only intended to help in understanding and to detect some symptoms related to the disease. Sometimes, elevated sleeping heart BPM is because of health conditions that are entirely unrelated to flu or Coronavirus.

The Cardiogram app is free to use, and the sleeping BPM feature is a free upgrade as well. Those who want to monitor the heart rate of their loved ones remotely would have to spend $25 a day on the premium program.