This iPhone 12 Flip Concept is Amazing

iPhone 12 Flip Concept

Apple is unlikely to release a foldable iPhone anytime soon. But that does not mean, one cannot imagine how a foldable iPhone will look like. Creator Iskander Utebayev has posted a concept video of iPhone 12 Flip and imagined how Apple’s flip iPhone is going to look like and function.

The concept iPhone 12 Flip has a clamshell form factor similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. When folded though, its front is entirely dominated by a display, unlike Samsung’s offering. Notch haters are not going to like this concept as there is a notch at the front/exterior display which houses the selfie camera and the TrueDepth camera system.


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My vision of iPhone 12 Flip📱

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What’s cool about this concept iPhone 12 Flip is that it has a motorized flip mechanism. You simply slide up on the slider on the secondary/outer screen and the device will flip open. The internal screen has no notch or bezel and gives a true full-screen experience. With an app open, you can flip close the phone and the app will automatically scale to the outer display.

This is definitely a cool concept but on a realistic note, it is unlikely to see the light of the day anytime soon. The tech behind foldable displays has not matured to such a point where we can see such phones. The motorized hinge in the concept phone has a sleek look which is simply not possible especially since it contains moving parts. Perhaps, by the dawn of the next decade, such a foldable iPhone will be a reality. What do you think?