Mind-Blowing Apple Card Concept Demonstrates Usefulness of Augmented Reality

Apple tried to reinvent credit card with Apple Card. This also meant that Apple Card stuck to a minimalist design language and yet managed to look sleek. Unlike other credit cards, Apple Card doesn’t come with numbers. All it has is a user’s name engraved on the metal card. A concept artist has taken it to the next level and shows how cool Apple Card would look with AR.

The video demonstrates how one could check out Apple Card balance, recent transactions without having to open the Wallet app. As you can see in the video, one can simply see balance details by looking at the Apple Card, flipping it over will bring recent transactions to the forefront. The concept video also highlights how AR can be used for better features.


Volodymyr Kurbatov, the man who created the concept says “There are plenty of demos that show some finance info on a card. I wanted to make it one step further and explore interactions in context.” He further adds that less UI is always better and augmented reality looks nice when “UI is on something physical.”

Interestingly the concept also envisages how users can control the display by touching the card. That being said, it is still a concept and we might only get to see an AR Apple Card after a couple of years. On a related note, Apple is aggressively pushing AR and this is the reason for a LiDAR scanner on 2020 iPad Pro. Furthermore, future iPad Pro’s are expected to get improved AR capabilities.

Apple Card is a joint venture between Apple and Goldman Sachs, and it was launched in August of last year. The Titanium engraved card (Mastercard) has concealed card numbers, and it offers various benefits and features, including cash backs, rewards, spend tracking. It is easy to sign up via an iPhone and there no annual fee. Only recently Apple announced an interest-free 24 month EMI scheme for unlocked iPhones.