Apple Details Its Face Shield Designed for Medical Workers Fighting Coronavirus

Apple Face Shield

Amid the global health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has been actively trying to help as much as it can in various ways. Apart from distributing millions of face masks, the company has designed face shields which it intends to ship them to medical workers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company’s plans to ship face masks and face shields to doctors and medical workers, who have been battling Coronavirus at the forefront and helping patients to recover from the deadly virus. Now, the company has published clear instructions on how to assemble face shields in less than two minutes.

The company is planning to ship one million face shields by the end of this week and one million face shields every week after that. Apple made these face shields with an intention of shipping 100 units in every box, so they are packed flat and users are required to assemble these shields by themselves. The Cupertino-based firm has shared a video and a printable PDF document to help people in assembling and adjusting the face shield.

Apple Face Shield Assembly Animation

The face shield consists of three parts: the shield, the forehead band, and a latex-free silicone strap. The forehead band and the strap can be adjusted to fit a user’s head size and shape. Apple recommends those using face shields to avoid exposure to high temperatures and handle the equipment gently, which makes sure that it doesn’t get damaged easily.

Since these shields are designed to be reused, Apple advises people to use the following chemicals to clean the shield: 70% Ethanol, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 6% Bleach, or 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. The company warns that using bleach may leave a residue on the face shield. Those who want more help with Apple’s face shield are advised to email the company at [email protected].

Apple Face Shield Strap Adjustment Animation

[Source: Apple]