Apple Maps Now Show COVID-19 Testing Locations across the US

Apple Maps

Apple has been helping in every way it can to help consumers, governments, and health authorities in these turbulent times. It has already released COVID-19 apps and website, and created a contact-tracing API in collaboration with Google. Now, the company is making it easier for people in the US to reach COVID-19 testing centers using Apple Maps.

Apple has started to show locations of all COVID-19 testing centers across the US in Apple Maps. This will help users in all 50 states (and Puerto Rico) to quickly find a place where they can get tested for COVID-19 symptoms. It could be a dedicated testing site, an emergency care clinic, a hospital, a lab, or a pharmacy.

People can just select the new “COVID-19 Testing” search category in Apple Maps to find locations closest to them. The Cupertino-based firm recently started prioritizing food delivery outlets, groceries, and medicine inside Apple Maps to help users in these tough times. Similar to those categories, the new COVID-19 Testing category is also being displayed on priority inside the Apple maps app.

All the COVID-19 testing locations displayed in Apple Maps also include information that you need to know before visiting the location. It contains information such as name, type of location, address, website, open timings, and whether you need to book an appointment before going in. Apple Maps will also show information about the facility’s exact location, whether it’s inside a building, a parking lot, or a drive-through.

The company could roll out similar features to Apple Maps in other countries in the next few months. Apple has set up a special website that can be used by hospitals and healthcare facilities to register as a COVID-19 testing location. Apple will review and verify each and every application, and then approve them to be added to the map.

Apple Maps COVID-19 Testing Location