Apple Extends Two Months of Pandemic Assistance to Premium Resellers in India

Apple has decided to help its premium resellers in India by offering two months of financial assistance due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The company is persuading retailers to push their online sales strategies and adapt to the changing shopping patterns.

Apple is yet to open its store in India. In fact, the company has already received a green signal from authorities and is planning to open Apple Store at Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla complex. We are not sure if the pandemic will slow plans to open the first Apple Store in India.

In India, Apple handpicks premium resellers and gives training to their employees. The retailers are spread across the country and also provide after-sales support for Apple devices. A majority of Apple Stores are closed. However, Apple continues to support retail staff by paying their salaries. As far as India is concerned, Apple will help premium resellers pay employee salary and rent for two months and also offer a 60-day credit period.

Apple has asked its partners to “explore and improve alternative channels to distribute Apple products, including online.” It is also worth noting that Apple Online Store in India redirects to resellers.

Our Take

India imposed a very stringent lockdown starting from March 25. The lockdown was supposed to end on April 14 but was extended till May 3 in lieu of the current situation. Unlike the US, ecommerce websites in India are only allowed to deliver essentials during the lockdown period. Needless to say, phones and other consumer electronics don’t make the cut. It seems like there is no way one can buy Apple products during the lockdown in India. Even the Apple reseller website says that online orders will be dispatched only after lockdown is lifted in India.

[via Economic Times]