Apple Store Reopens in South Korea With New Safety Measures for Customers

Apple Store Korea

Apple has reopened its first retail store outside of China in South Korea post the control of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. This is also Apple’s sole retail store in the country.

Apple had shut down all its retail stores worldwide outside of Greater China due to the coronavirus pandemic. It had initially closed its stores until the end of March before shutting them down indefinitely. The coronavirus outbreak has been contained in South Korea despite a rapid rise in the number of infected people in the country initially.

As a safety measure, Apple is now limiting the number of customers inside its South Korean store so that they can maintain a social distance of two meters between them. It has also put up a notice outside its stores where it has asked its customers some health-related questions and if the answer to them any of them is a yes, the customer won’t be allowed to enter the store. The company is also providing hand sanitizers to customers inside the store for hygiene reasons.

Additionally, the company is checking the temperature of all customers and asking them to wear a mask before they are allowed to enter the store. It is also recommending its customers to order online or through its Apple Store. One thing to note is that Apple is not launching the 2020 iPhone SE in South Korea on April 24th.

It is likely that whenever Apple starts re-opening its retail stores across the globe, it will check the temperature of all the customers entering the store for safety reasons.