Apple’s New Tutorial Video Has References to Upcoming AirTags Item Tracker

Apple Tag - Tile-like Tracker

We have seen references to AirTag in iOS 13. Apple has uploaded a new video on YouTube and interestingly the video has references to the upcoming AirTag tracker.

Last year we learned that Apple is working on an item tracker that will rival Tile. The AirTag name was discovered on the filesystem for iOS 13.2. The tutorial video on YouTube is titled “How to erase your iPhone.” Needless to say, the video walks us through steps to erase an iPhone. In one of the segments, Apple explains how you can turn off Find My iPhone.

In the video tutorial Apple executive taps on Settings>Name>Find My. Now the video shows Find My iPhone menu and this is where the things start getting interesting. The “Enable Offline Finding” option description reads as follows,

Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the description clearly mentions AirTags. The mention lends credence to the belief that AirTags is in the work. The item tracker from Apple will help users find objects like keys with the help of Find My app. With the help of offline feature any device will be able to detect the tracker when in proximity. As expected Apple has removed the video and all we are left with is a screenshot.

AirTags is expected to be paired to users’ iCloud account. Whenever the distance between the iPhone and the item increases users will get a notification. For example, your iPhone will notify if you get far away from the wallet. Apple AirTags supply-chain ramp up hints at Q3 launch. On a related note, Tile is already testifying against Apple and alleges that upcoming AirTag could take away Tile’s whole business.

[via Applesophy]