Don’t Send Bands with Apple Watch for Repairs as You Won’t Get Them Back

Apple Watch Series 5 Bands

If your Apple Watch is malfunctioning or if it is broken, and if you’re planning to send the smartwatch to Apple for repair, you should remove the wrist bands before shipping it. Otherwise, you won’t get those bands back from Apple.

Apple has recently updated one of its support documents to mention that users should remove wrist bands from the Apple Watch before sending it in for repairs. The same goes for the watch’s other accessories such as screen protectors, chargers, or more. The company mentions that it won’t send back wrist bands or accessories with its smartwatch after it is done repairing the device.

The Cupertino-based firm is specifically advising Apple Watch users to “please remove them.” Apple’s prior process included bundling all the items sent with the watch and sending them back after the repair when practical. The company didn’t attach the accessories to the Apple Watch, but it used to send them back separately.

The new support document says, “Your Apple Watch band and any other accessories that you send won’t be returned, so please remove them before sending your Apple Watch in for service.” It also mentions that users who have Link Bracelet bands attached to their Apple Watches must separate the links before sending the device.

The company’s new directives are only for cases when you’re mailing in your Apple Watch to Apple. However, when the lockdown is complete and when you personally take your Apple Watch for repair to a Genius Bar or an Apple authorized repair center, you will still be asked to remove wrist bands and other accessories before they take your smartwatch in for repair and service.

[Source: Apple]