Concept Envisions iPhone 12 Pro With iPhone 4-like Design in Stunning Navy Blue Color

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Over the last week or so, plenty of details about the iPhone 12 lineup has leaked. The 2020 iPhones are expected to debut with a new iPhone 4esque design featuring a LiDAR scanner at the rear and a smaller notch at the front. A concept has now envisioned how the iPhone 12 Pro could look like based on the leaks.

This is not one of those crazy concepts where we generally see some over the top features. Instead, this concept has simply envisioned how the iPhone 12 Pro would look like based on what all the leaks have revealed so far. The concept does image the device to ship without a notch, though that’s sadly not going to happen. At best, rumors point to Apple reducing the size of the notch by 30-35%.

The iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly feature an iPhone 4-like squarish chassis and a rear design that’s similar to the existing iPhone 11 Pro lineup including the frosted glass finish. In the concept, a LiDAR scanner has joined the triple-camera setup at the rear and it complements the sensor array quite perfectly. The concept envisions the iPhone 12 Pro in a navy blue color which does look striking. At this point though, it is unclear if Apple intends to launch the iPhone 12 Pro in a navy blue finish or not, though there was a rumor about this at the beginning of this year.

If the iPhone 12 Pro does end up looking like how it has been envisioned in the concept above, would you buy it? What are your thoughts on Apple going with a squarish design language with the iPhone 12 Pro this year?