Hands-On Videos of iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard with Trackpad Start Popping Up

New iPad Pro - Magic Keyboard with Trackpad

Apple started taking orders for the Magic Keyboard with trackpad for the iPad Pro from earlier this week after initially announcing a May release for the accessory. Now, the keyboard has already started making its way into the hands of some customers and many of them have posted a detailed overview of the accessory.

The videos show how the iPad Pro easily sits in a floating position on the Magic Keyboard accessory. What’s even impressive is that despite the iPad Pro being connected to the Magic Keyboard accessory only using magnets, the entire setup is very sturdy. You can rest assured that your iPad Pro will not get detached and fall from the Magic Keyboard even if it is accidentally knocked off by someone.

With the Magic Keyboard accessory attached though, the entire setup does become quite heavy and weighs over 1KG. This is for the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard is bound to be even heavier  The videos also reveal that the trackpad clicks everywhere and that one can detach the iPad with just one hand from the Magic Keyboard stand. One can also adjust the brightness of the keyboard’s backlighting manually from the Magic Keyboard preferences pane in the Settings app.

The Magic Keyboard does have a USB-C port but it is only a passthrough port meaning it can only be used to charge your iPad Pro. You cannot connect any accessory to it.

If you are in two minds on whether you should order the Magic Keyboard for your iPad Pro, you can check the above videos to help make up your mind.