Here’s How Facebook’s Dark Mode For iPhone Looks

Facebook logo

Apple added a native Dark mode to iOS with the release of iOS 13 last year. Since then, we have seen a hoard of apps and services adding dark mode support as well. Facebook, however, has been an outlier so far as its iOS app still does not have a Dark mode. The company did announce a redesign of its desktop interface along with a Dark mode at its F8 conference last year, but only recently made the feature available on the web on an opt-in basis for selected users.

It looks like the company is also working on bringing Dark mode support to its iOS app as spotted by WABetaInfo. The feature is still under development as can be seen from the odd colors of some UI elements. An important thing to note about Facebook’s Dark mode implementation is that it does not use a true black background and instead uses a dark gray color. Nonetheless, compared to the regular white theme the app currently has, the new Dark mode definitely looks easier on the eyes.

Facebook iOS Dark mode

So far, Facebook has only added Dark mode support to its Messenger app.

The Dark mode in Facebook’s iOS app can be activated independently of the system theme or linked to iOS 13’s Dark mode. It is unclear when Facebook will get around to releasing Dark mode support in its iOS client for iPhone and iPad users, though given the screenshots, it looks like the rollout should happen in a couple of months from now.

[Source WABetaInfo]