Huawei Card is the Company’s Apple Card Clone for China

Huawei Card

Whenever Apple launches a new product, other OEMs usually scramble to copy it. Unsurprisingly then, almost eight months after the Apple Card was released to the public in the United States, Huawei has gone ahead and announced the Huawei Card in China.

The card was revealed by Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu at the P40 launch event in China earlier this week. A lot of details about the Huawei Card are unknown as of now, but just like Apple Card, it is both a virtual and physical card. And just like iPhones store the Apple Card data in the secure enclave, all Huawei devices will also store the data from the Huawei Card in their secure enclave.

Users will be able to apply for Huawei Card from the Wallet app in their device. The card is backed by Chinese giant UnionPay and it supports payment via NFC and QR codes as well, something which the Apple Card lacks. Customers who use Huawei Pay for transactions will also be eligible for cashback.

In a bid to entice customers, Huawei is offering the card to customers for free for the first year. The second-year annual fee will also be waived off for customers who spend a certain amount through the card. Another benefit of the card includes lounge access at selected train stations and airports, though for this, users will again have to make a certain amount of purchase using the card. If users link their Huawei Card to Huawei Pay, the annual fee would be waived off for up to four years.

Yu did not mention when the Huawei Card will release in China so there might be a wait involved here. It is also unlikely that Huawei will bring the Huawei Card to other markets outside of China.

[Via Engadget]