iCloud Keychain will Reportedly Get Password Warning, Two Factor Authentication Codes in iOS 14

Apple is reportedly working on new features for the iCloud Keychain password manager on iOS. The new features were discovered on an iOS 14 early build.

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s very own password manager that is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Thanks to iCloud Keychain your account credentials are synced and stored across all your devices. iCloud Keychain has taken flak for not offering important features as opposed to third-party alternatives like 1Password and LastPass.

Finally, Apple is adding new features to iCloud Keychain and hopefully, this will help it compete with the third-party password manager app. 9to5Mac has discovered that Apple is testing major changes to iCloud Keychain on iOS 14. The update will warn users about reused passwords and safeguard them from hackers.

Most of us have this tendency to recycle passwords across multiple sites. The problem is that once a password database is leaked, the hackers match passwords with your other online accounts. In such cases, iCloud Keychain will warn you when you reuse password. That apart, iCloud Keychain is also expected to get an improvised two-factor authentication setup. In other words, you will be able to login to your favorite websites/services without having to enter confirmation code.

Our Take

Despite lesser features, iCloud Keychain is free as opposed to third-party apps that require a subscription. Once Apple adds the new features mentioned above, then the iCloud Keychain is likely to shape up as an alternative to third-party apps. Once the new features are added will you prefer iCloud Keychain to a third-party alternative? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via 9to5Mac]